A Flax Project–Seeds to Satchel

This project was started by one of our members. According to him, the team is interested in exploring the history and use of the ancient  fiber, flax, as a source for fabric.  Publication of the steps in this process are the end goal, as well as the end product and the learning experience in the group.

“The mission of the Seed To Satchel–Flax to Linen project is to educate the public by introducing the history and methods of processing an ancient bast fiber once used as the staple for fabric production throughout the world.

This project will follow the process of planting flax seeds through to a finished waxed linen and leather satchel. The project is expected to span about 15 monthes, including
planting flax seeds, harvest the plants, process the fiber (ripple, ret, dry, break, scutch, hackle), spin fibers to linen thread, weave the thread to linen fabric, use natural dyes to color the fabric, oil or wax the fabric, combine with leather and handmade metal hardware to finish.”

Look for updates on this project as we send out pictures of the process.


Here is the timeline that is anticipated.  We will see just how well the group sticks to the timeline.