Our Members

We have some amazing members who are craftspersons and artisans.  We would like to introduce you to some of them, and give you website where their work can be found.  If they have a shop, feel free to order directly to them, or contact them to see their products.

Gary Olds is the founder of the Guild, back in 1999.  He has a long history in fiber arts, heritage arts as well as pottery, and teaching and demonstrating are his specialties.  His work and classes can be found on his website at garyolds.com.

Chad Travous is currently the Guild President and an amazing potter.  His work can be found on his ETSY site.

You can also find him on Instagram @N1NETE9N.

Robin Goaty from TheDancingGoats.com does everything from wood carving, glass fusion, stained glass, wood turning...you name it.  Check out his website at TheDancingGoats.com.

Rachel Miner also works with needle felting.  Her work can be found on her ETSY site.

Mary Papp rescues dolls and provides clothes for them.  Check out her Etsy site: Maryment.

Vicki Thomason also sells her fibers on her  ETSY site.  Check out her site, Victoria House Fibers.